We debated whether a "contact" option was relevant for this project. The purpose of this project and site is quite intentionally to exist for its own sake—not for the sake of enrolling visitors in further action, or transaction, of any kind. 

With that said, we appreciate that what is here may (hopefully) inspire generative ideas, and further connections, and we are available for that. We would also like to provide a place for visitors to connect with other expressions of Doug's work in the world. 

Thank you again for visiting and engaging with this project. 

Doug Silsbee

Doug and Walker Silsbee's blog about cancer, life, love, and dying: https://letlifelivethroughyou.wordpress.com/

Presence Based Leadership — Doug's latest book

Presence Based Coaching — The coach training organization founded by Doug and now run by his longtime collaborator, Bebe Hansen.

Doug Silsbee Scholarship Fund

Rob McNamara

Rob's work includes:




You may reach Rob at: Rob at robmcnamara dot com.

Lauren Tenney

Lauren's work includes:



You may reach Lauren at: Lauren dot tenney at gmail dot com.