How are life and death related?

I intend to live my life in such a way that

nothing human will be foreign to me.

- Freidrich Holderlein

While this is one inquiry question, it could just as easily have been the theme of this entire project—and that is probably obvious. These clips below, for one reason or another, seemed to speak directly to aspects of this question. There is an interesting progression if you watch them in the time sequence, from earliest to latest. It's possible to witness how we are all growing and changing in our relation to how we are living the question. 


May 15, 2018

1:11 - "A waste of a human life"

3:50 - Radically different context, always me

4:59 - Don't confuse yourself with what you're doing in the world

6:03 - Relinquishment

7:15 - Death is a doorway to immediacy

10:10 - Can we learn how to live and how to die?

July 5, 2018

0:40 - The right proximity to death

2:10 - Does the future include choosing whether to die?

4:30 - The idea that 'I might not die' kills you

6:20 - This moment is complex enough

8:25 - The temporal projection of aliveness

10:40 - Not excluding anything

July 5, 2018

0:45 - A sense of urgency, a sense of freedom

1:50 - Creativity in the context of death

5:12 - Unknowability

10:19 - Creativity, leadership, and the in-between of human endeavors

13:15 - How does death help us work together?

July 13, 2018

0:00 - Is this the life you want to die living?

2:25 - Becoming death

4:10 - How do we train ourselves?

7:10 - Liberation​ and dissolution

10:40 - The pleasure

Questions to consider on your own...

How is your life shaped by how you think about your death (or don’t)?

How can life’s ending make your life more vivid?

In the end, what ultimately matters to your life?

Where are you feeling more deeply alive because of death’s presence?