Doug Silsbee

Doug Silsbee was an award-winning thought leader, author, and executive coach in the fields of Presence-Based Coaching, leadership development and resilience. He has coached and taught leaders on five continents and across all sectors. Doug is the author of three influential books, his latest published in 2018 is Presence Based Leadership. Doug's groundbreaking work integrates mindfulness, interpersonal neurobiology, somatics, complexity and developmental psychology. His work formed the foundation for the leading-edge Presence-Based Coaching certification program. Doug's lifetime of teaching, writing, exploring, creating and learning was grounded in a deep commitment to the development of human beings that can be a stand for a future world that works for everyone.

In October 2017, Doug was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (a rare spindle cell solitary fibrous tumor, a sarcoma). He chronicled his experience together with his wife Walker at their blog, 

Throughout the dying process Doug maintained a curious mind and open heart. Even as his body was changing and he was losing the use of his arm and legs he continued to live life to the fullest..still writing, teaching and creating handmade books for his children and his wife Walker. He lived life with gratitude for music, the beauty of nature and for the many students, friends and family he loved. He expressed that his dying was easier than he thought it would be, and his final words were sending love to his yet born grandchild. It was so like Doug to be welcoming in the next generation even while he was leaving. Doug died on July 30, 2018. 

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Rob McNamara

Rob McNamara is a leading expert on leadership, adult development and human performance. A renowned and sought-after developmental coach and consultant, Rob’s expertise includes the intersection of leadership, adult development, and human performance.


A life-long asthmatic, when Rob was 19 he suffered a massive asthma attack which resulted in his clinical death. Rob's incredible proximity to an emergency room at the time of the attack contributed to his full resuscitation and recovery. Rob's life is informed, in all aspects and at all times, by his intimacy with dying. His devotion to the thriving fullness of others is expressed as a coach, trainer, writer, and father, partner and friend.  


Rob works with a broad range of individual and organizational clients, both in business and athletic contexts. He’s supported executive teams more effectively scale organizations, coached entrepreneurs launching new companies, provided leadership training to coaches and athletes to win national championships and trained some of the best of the best to thrive more fully in life. He has served as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University with Robert Kegan, and his contributions in the business sector include the development and deployment of integrally-informed executive curriculum for senior executives and launched corporate performance-wellness initiatives with the Stagen Leadership Academy. Rob McNamara is the author of The Elegant Self and Strength to Awaken. Rob is a Zen practitioner and senior monk training under Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi.


Lauren Tenney

Lauren is a developmental consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer. She specializes in interpersonal skills and dynamics, emotional maturity, culture and systems change, and most of all, to connecting others to what is of most value for their lives. Lauren’s ability to facilitate deeper self-awareness and discernment of essential truth, even in the most complex contexts, lights up and releases key stuck points for her collaborators, her clients, and the people close to her.

One of Lauren's most beloved creative mediums is words—and she delights in writing, editing, and expressing with language the subtle, the beautiful, and the just-out-of-reach. As a consummate transformational educator, Lauren works across fields and disciplines and media to create experiences and learning environments where enlivening discovery of meaning, purpose, and truth are possible.

Her calling to apprentice to the process of death and dying has led her to train as a Death Doula and volunteer with Hospice of Southern Maine. Lauren is a Certified Presence Based Coach and Certified Integral Facilitator®. She lives in Maine in a collaborative multi-generational setting with her husband, children, stepchildren, and parents.